Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smiths and Watkins Travels through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

It was absolutely AWESOME and WONDERFUL to have the Watkins come visit. They've been gone for 3 days now and my kids still tell me how much they miss them. While they were here they took a side trip down to Rome for 3 days. We took them over to Slovenia to visit some amazing caves that look like "Lord of the Rings" inside. Since we were so close to Croatia, we literally drove across the border took a picture, drove a couple of miles in and then returned. Now they can check that one off :) We went skiing in the Italian Alps. It was my kid's first time ever to ski!!! We went to a famous place for knives called Maniago, etc. We ate fabulously as well!! Above all, we just had a ball being together. Being away from family and friends is probably the hardest part of being over here SOOOO we're sooooo happy when people come and visit!!!


Robinsons said...

Hey! Since you contacted me on face book, I checked out your blog and wanted tag you so you could easily find our blog as well. I am really excited to see you two doing so well and I can't believe how time flies! -Jared Robinson

Jenny Lee said...

I hope you remember us. This is Nate and Jenny Lee. I found your post from Tori and Brian's. Wow! It's so good to see you and see what you've been doing! I can't believe you're in Italy. It sounds like you've had some amazing experiences and been so many places. Your kids are so cute and grown up! Wow! It's been a long time since we've seen you - around 7 years?!? Anyway, I'm excited to have found your post!