Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day + Sam's Birthday

Did I ever say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas?!? Well, if I haven't, I absolutely love Christmas!!! We had a wonderful Christmas day with the Watkins. On the afternoon of Christmas Day we drove up to a mountain town called Poffabro that displays 100's of different kinds of nativities. We walked around this town and then went home to have Sam's birthday dinner. Yes, it was my nephew's birthday on Christmas Day. We did a big Christmas turkey dinner with the works. It was a wonderful day and even snowed that night!


Britt said...

Carrie, your family is so fun. I wish that I could put HALF the amazing things on my blog that you put on yours. What cool experience to have as a family. You are so lucky. Plus you look GREAT!

Felt Family said...

Carrie! Hello from your long, lost friend!! I dug through my old emails looking for Christmas card addresses and re-found your blog. You look fabulous and it's been so fun to see all the pictures of your kids. I can't believe that Sydney is 10! Time has flown. Every time I drive through our old stomping grounds I smile thinking of our daily walks...if only I had the time for such luxuries now! Our blogspot is feltsofine. Stay in touch!! Love, Nancy