Saturday, November 17, 2007

October 2007

Well, just as an update to our crazy life in Italy...We finally found a house and our movers came on October 8th and 9th....The movers (who are from Germany) showed up at around 5:00pm - yes at night ....They unloaded part of the moving van and then asked us if they could sleep at our house that night (we hadn't even slept at our house yet!) We were too in shock to even ask questions and said that they could sleep there. They unloaded their overnight bags and a big recycling bucket of empty beer bottles (which they had been drinking on the way down to Italy since they all reeked of alcohol). When we showed up the next morning (we were still staying at the hotel) they had moved our couches in to sleep on. One slept on the couch, one took cushions off the other couch and slept on those on the floor and then the other two brought their own stuff. After they were done unloading, they all showered at our house and took off - yes, I said showered at our house - we didn't even have shower curtains so there was water and dirt left all over the bathroom! Nothing like "saving the company money"! It was seriously the "college buddies/Elders Quorum" moving us. They literally just put boxes wherever they heck they wanted unless we were standing there at all times looking inside each box to check its contents because they weren't labeled. We were so glad to see them go!!! Surprisingly, there were only a couple of things broken, but nothing major! YAHOO!!! (I still wouldn't recommend them). I don't think I told you how they packed us, but that too was a nightmare. I wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time.