Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blake's Latest Injury

As usual, Blake went and played Basketball on Saturday morning. He called me on his way home to ask if we had any superglue. Apparently, he'd been playing and bumped heads with some guy pretty hard while doing one of his cool moves. He ended up getting a pretty deep cut. There were a couple doctors playing too. One of the doctors (a pediatrician) took Blake to his office to try and sew it up, but couldn't find keys to the cabinets to get out the supplies needed...oh well....luckily we found one bottle left of superglue at home that wasn't completely dried up! Woo Hoo! That saved us another trip to the doctor! If you were wondering, he's healing fine. The wound has only broken open once, but after some butterfly bandages were attached, he's as good as new!